Free to be Free

I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws. I hold fast to your statutes, O LORD; do not let me be put to shame. I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free. – Psalm 119:30-32

For non-believers, this passage may have an inconsistent feel.  Following someone’s commands doesn’t sound like freedom.  To the world, freedom is that “I can do whatever I want whenever I want to” approach that so many people seek.  On the surface that sounds good.  We want freedom in our schedules, financial freedom; the freedom to decide what’s best for us today and into the future.  The only problem with that reasoning is – we simply aren’t in a position to make this happen.

In order to understand what freedom is, we should probably start by looking at what freedom is not.  Freedom does not give us the opportunity to do anything we want.  Americans have freedom of speech, but this doesn’t give us the right to threaten one another.  Instead, we have the responsibility to protect and defend our freedoms through respecting the laws of our nation, the rights of our neighbors, and the Word of our God.

It is only through God – the way of truth, that we will ever know true freedom.  His laws and precepts guide us to our destinies so that we might know the fullness of the blessings He wishes to manifest in our lives.  It is through our diligent pursuit of Him and our desires to follow His will we will find the fulfillment of our destinies.  So it demonstrates a most interesting contradiction: freedom comes through submission.

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1 Response to Free to be Free

  1. This is a conversation I’ve had more than once with people who fall into the “questioning” or non-believers camps.

    It’s sad, but much of the culture and pop-psychology over the past several decades has been very material and “me-central” in focus, leading people to seek fulfillment in places they can never truly find it. By chasing the illusion of control in our lives, we take focus away from the One who can bring us that peace of spirit that we desperately yearn for.

    Wonderful post. 🙂

    Have a Blessed Day!

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