Richard Schumacher currently serves as the Director of Programs & Services for Lutheran Special Education Ministries, based out of Farmington Hills, Michigan.  A product of LCMS education, Richard has spent over thirty years in Lutheran schools as a student, teacher, youth director, principal, and university instructor.

After earning his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from CUAA, Richard’s action research report was published in the Lutheran Education Journal.  Richard has also written a Bible study that is available to download through Concordia Publishing House.  “New Every Morning: 30 Days of Spiritual Renewal “ can be reviewed and purchased by clicking here.

In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, watching the Michigan Wolverines compete in anything, and spending time with his wife Linda and two children.

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  1. Lynn Shepard says:

    Love the blog…sign me up!

  2. Roxanne Glazier says:

    I second what Lynn says!

  3. Carol Shasko says:

    Please sign me up for the blog.


    Carol Shasko

  4. day1of1 says:

    To subscribe, you need to click on the subscribe link on the blog page. That way you can enter your email etc… Thanks in advance for subscribing.

  5. Lisa Klammer says:

    I’ve started using your blog as an almost-daily devotional reading. Thanks for allowing God to speak through you!

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