Attention to Detail

“The LORD bless you, my daughter,” he replied. “This kindness is greater than that which you showed earlier: You have not run after the younger men, whether rich or poor. And now, my daughter, don’t be afraid. I will do for you all you ask. All my fellow townsmen know that you are a woman of noble character. Although it is true that I am near of kin, there is a kinsman-redeemer nearer than I. Stay here for the night, and in the morning if he wants to redeem, good; let him redeem. But if he is not willing, as surely as the LORD lives I will do it. Lie here until morning.”  So she lay at his feet until morning, but got up before anyone could be recognized; and he said, “Don’t let it be known that a woman came to the threshing floor.”  He also said, “Bring me the shawl you are wearing and hold it out.” When she did so, he poured into it six measures of barley and put it on her. Then he went back to town. – Ruth 3:10-15

Boaz is an awesome example of how a man ought to treat a woman of virtue.  He begins by not only recognizing this trait in Ruth, but by stating it to her.  Again, the power of the spoken word is evident.  It serves her well to hear him identify her as noble.  It also puts him into a proper position of respecting her, sowing a necessary level of respect into her that encourages and supports.

Next, he cares for her every need – those which are obvious and simple as well as in ways that go beyond what would be expected.  As a kinsman-redeemer, he allows her to lay at his feet, covered by his garment.  He cares for her immediate need for a warm, safe place to rest.  He cares for her reputation by making sure people do not know she was there.  He knows her actions were noble and actively works to protect her from slander.  He cares for her physical needs by providing her with food for herself and for Naomi.  Finally, he promises her that he would go that day to the relative who is closer to her and legally eligible to marry her to ask his intentions.  If the relative declines, he vows to her that he will take her as his wife.  This shows reverence to God and His law.  His love for her has taken root, but He chooses to love her according to God’s plan.

How wonderful it is to see how even basic human emotions and interactions are further blessed by obedience to the word of the Lord.  There is nothing we need fear in life, nothing that can disrupt the will of the Father in our lives.  All we need do is turn to Him, trust in Him, and thankfully receive from Him the fullness of the gifts He brings into our lives.  The rest is provided from His throne.  However, for many this simple truth is complicated by mistakes and decisions based on selfishness, impatience and fear.  We think we know what God’s will is instead of seeking His voice through the word and in prayer.  We abandon His plan by setting of on a path of our own choosing.  But because He is a God of love, He gives us the opportunity to seek forgiveness and renewal in His promises through grace and forgiveness found in the death and resurrection of Christ.

If God will take care of these things, surely every concern, issue, and circumstance will be dealt with, leaving us secure in the power of the Lord our God.  And so again, I start my day thankful for the blessing of loved ones in my life.  I pray that God will lift you up to accomplish all you have targeted and more.  I pray that you will have peace, safety, and security in His promises spoken over you.  Be blessed, filled with the power of the anointing God has placed upon you.  Know His love surrounds you today, and let it move you to greater levels within His kingdom.

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