Nothing to Fear

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them. Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Fear the LORD, you his saints, for those who fear him lack nothing. – Psalm 34:7-9

God is good.  He delivers us from our fears and brings us to that place where our needs are met, our questions answered and our lives made complete in Him.  We have been created in His image to serve Him in fulfilling His purposes here on earth.  As we align our lives with His will, as we move forward down the path of our lives, we see more clearly the unmatched joy and goodness that comes from the throne of our Heavenly King.

How evident these truths are in your life!  Every day is a new beginning as you are renewed in His love.  Sins are forgiven, mistakes are forgotten, and peace is attained through the perfect love of God in your life.  What obstacle can hinder you?  What issue can hold you back, preventing you from achieving the fullness of what God has created you for?  Nothing in the natural could ever separate you from the awesome power and amazing blessings that God has chosen to wrap around you.  Your life has been transformed.  Your direction has been established, the path marked out and made ready for travel.  Your guide is the Holy Spirit.  Strong and certain; He will never leave your side and will see you through the rough places – keeping your feet steady and your pace true.  Your total trust in Him will be rewarded in your life, as well as in the lives of those like me who are fortunate enough to know you and see how your obedience has brought innumerable blessings into your life.

I pray you never forget all that God has done for you.  May His love always hold a prominent place in your life, giving you peace, confidence, and the certainty that you are dearly loved.

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Author, Speaker, Educator, Husband, Father of two and follower of the One.
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