In Him

There were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need. – Acts 4:34-35
Good morning.  The lesson learned in this section of Scripture remains true, even though the lifestyle by which we live is drastically different.  People today don’t sell all of their possessions and live in communes where all of their physical needs are met.  However, step back and look at the story from a bigger picture perspective and you easily see the lesson to be learned.
Read the story and put God in the position of the church.  As His people, we return the fullness of our lives to Him, giving back everything we have.  Now this doesn’t require an auction, a foreclosure, and a rummage sale.  Instead, it requires a commitment – an aligning of our lives so that everything we have (which is merely on loan to us because God gave it to us in the first place) is given back to Him.  Nothing is ours to hoard and treasure, allowing no earthly thing to take on too important a role in our lives or to be set in a position where it might stand between us and our Lord.

You live your life by this correct perspective.  Everything you have is His and you not only return what is asked, but you have given everything to Him; every item, every possession, but also every action, every word, every thought.  You live your life each day in the truth that Christ lives in you, and so consequently you live for Christ.  And as the passage says, you receive the amazing gift of knowing that every need you have will be met.  There is nothing you lack – no want to which God does not tend.  This knowledge provides you with the opportunity to live with greater boldness and faith in Him – and you do.
May this boldness fill you today as you carry out the work that God has set before you to complete.  May you find satisfaction in what you are able to accomplish and know that you serve God through every task completed.  Be blessed with knowledge, wisdom, discernment, success and contentment.  Know that in every joy and challenge you face, because of your faithful obedience God is standing alongside you, blessing every action and answering your requests so that no need you have will go unfulfilled.

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