No Questions, Please

I am intrigued by the comments that people will make about what they plan to do when they arrive in heaven.  Many Christians have lists of questions that they want to ask and to whom they look forward to talking.  With this much interest in asking questions of Biblical personalities, I sometimes envision God setting up a scene similar to a parent/teacher conference day in a school.  Imagine having Peter, John the Baptist, Mary, Samson, Moses, Daniel, Adam, and the like sitting behind small tables in large room with people lined up, taking turns asking them their questions.  Or maybe it takes on a TV talk show format with a live audience and others phoning in their questions.  However God would handle it, I’m sure it would be impactful and interesting.  Of course, it would also be inaccurate and inconsistent with God’s plan for His creation.

As Christians living in the same world today, we often look up to and admire the work and actions of our Biblical forefathers.  But some people take this idea too far.  We look up to celebrities for many reasons, but primarily because they can do things that we cannot.  I can’t throw a football better than Brett Favre, act as well as Tom Hanks, play the piano better than Jim Brickman, or drive a car faster than Jimmie Johnson.  Because of my inability to achieve at that level, I marvel at those people who can, and I’m not alone.  Many people share my admiration of others who can do things I cannot.  But when it comes to living our faith, submitting our lives to God, and sharing the love of Christ with others, we are on par with every other believer – including those whose names are recorded in the Scriptures.

We have all been given a ministry, a specific purpose that God has given to us.  It is all part of His perfect plan for creation – His perfect plan for us.    But because we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, we also have an expectation of what we will do to make that plan happen.  We can try to opt out, but consider that Jonah tried that once and it didn’t exactly work out as he planned.  God’s will still happened in spite of Jonah’s blatant defiance of His instructions.  What’s more – because His will is perfect, we can put our full trust in where He is leading.  Our life’s plan will be made only richer through our obedient submission to His will.

Just remember me when you’re answering questions in Heaven – I hate waiting in line.

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  1. Amy says:

    I like to picture sitting on an IMAX theatre watching from creation until the day I arrive…then reality hits me…I know I will just be happy to be in His presence and be praising Him…

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