The Gift

Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him. – Isaiah 64:4

God has blessed us with so many great gifts.  We see them, receive and appreciate them every day.  But when we consider that God is blessing us with even greater gifts than these – gifts that we may not have seen or appreciated, then we can begin to see the greatness of God’s love for us.

Think of those times in your life when you have given somebody a gift.  When it comes to gift giving, most of us are not seeking an overblown response or are trying to draw attention to ourselves, but there are still certain norms and behaviors that are expected when giving and receiving a gift.  The recipient should acknowledge the gift to the giver.  The giver should take care to wrap the gift beautifully and present it appropriately.  The recipient should thank the giver at the time and perhaps later with a card.  Seems a lot of work for a gift, but it is socially appropriate and considered taboo if not followed.

Now consider gifts given anonymously.  They break all of the aforementioned rules.  The giver receives no credit for the gift and the recipient has no opportunity to thank the giver.  Even if the recipient knows the giver, their desire to give the gift privately is important to acknowledge and appreciate.  God’s gifts are similar to those given anonymously.  For the faithful, there is little doubt from whom the gift came, but to the majority of the world, the gift goes unappreciated or even inaccurately categorized as a right or something to which they are entitled.


Ultimately, I believe that some of the gifts that God gives us are so great we couldn’t really understand them, so He just provides them without pomp and fanfare.   Others are an extension of His amazing love for us that are given simply because of who He is.  For example, someone who is a parent can appreciate that concept.  Children are thankful for their parents – for who they are and for what they do for them.  However, even the most conscientious child will not thank you for every single thing you do because he is simply not aware of all of the sacrifices you make and the seeds you are sowing into him.  It’s not lack of appreciation, just a decision on your part to give the gift more anonymously.


And now allow me to finally swing back to the original point.  God knows what is coming, what your needs will be, and how He plans to make provision for every need and desire of your heart.  It is His promise to you and you can live with confidence in the certainty of His love – just stay strong in your faith and continue to live in Him.  By doing so we allow ourselves to receive the greatest gifts that God has in store for us – forgiveness, salvation, and an eternal relationship with Him.

Not a bad gift – no matter how you wrap it!

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