The LORD will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O LORD, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands. – Psalm 138:8

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…”  A classic line from a classic children’s story.  Of course in today’s politically correct world this story would be blasted.  Why must women seek the approval of shallow apparitions trapped inside of mirrors who judge your worth based solely upon your appearance?  Can you see the protests?  Today’s kinder, gentler mirror would reply back with something more accepting, demonstrating the value of the whole person.  But I digress…

Most of us don’t need a voice activated mirror to tell us what we see.  Some of us don’t need the mirror at all.  We know what’s there without looking and make decisions that can impact our lives in the short and long term based on our personal knowledge of who we are and what we can do.  Call it humility, insecurity, or ignorance, but more often than not we view ourselves to be far beneath our true capabilities.

Why is it that somebody else can look at you and see things that you can’t?  That seems odd.  You would think that we would know ourselves better than anybody else – filled with the knowledge and confidence that we have in our gifts and abilities.  But something happened along the way.  We lost sight of who we are and what God called us to be.  The enemy whispered in our ear, causing us to doubt and fear that God’s promises really weren’t for us.  And so we accepted mediocrity (or less).

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?  Is it the person you dreamt it would be when you were growing up?  Is it the person your family and friends expected?  Probably not – but thankfully, those are not the important questions.  The only question you need to ask yourself is this:  Is that the person God created to serve a specific purpose in His Kingdom?  Of course that answer is yes, and because that is true, there is nothing – absolutely nothing that God cannot and will not do to help you accomplish according to His perfect will.  The words to Francesca Battistelli’s song “Beautiful, Beautiful” help to illustrate this truth.

“Don’t know how it is You looked at me,
and saw the person that I could be.
Awakening my heart, breaking through the dark,
Suddenly Your grace…

Like sunlight burning at midnight,
Making my life something so beautiful, beautiful.
Mercy reaching to save me, all that I need
You are so beautiful, beautiful.”

Click Here to hear the song in its entirety (YouTube)

The lies of the enemy have convinced us that we can’t do everything we’ve been called and created to do, and he makes the lie easier to believe by leading our flesh away from where we should be.  This is evident in many areas of our lives.  When times get tough, it is easy for us to quit trying – giving up on the chance for something better by settling for something safe.  When times of stress come upon us, we use them as excuses for bad behaviors, ranging from blowing up at somebody, doing something reckless, or just blowing our diet in a carton of Ben & Jerry’s.

As I continue my journey, God is reinforcing 3 simple truths.  Number 1:  God loves me more deeply than anybody else can.  Number 2:  I can rely upon Him in every situation.  Number 3:  I don’t need to live in fear because God is going to keep His promises in my life.  We can trust His Word.  We can trust His timing.  We cannot let anyone convince us that what He has promised will not come to fruition.  Align your confession with His will and then just watch God be God.  He will help you.  Remember, in God’s eyes you are beautiful – and you ARE!

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1 Response to Beautiful

  1. Lisa says:

    I love your 3 simple truths and I need to reinforce them in my life too. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God has a plan for me. I can trust that what He will complete those things He has begun in my life.
    Thanks for this post!

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